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A balanced mind fosters clarity, resilience, and harmony, navigating life's challenges with equanimity and embracing a centered perspective.


A grounded spirit finds purpose, connects with inner wisdom, and navigates life's journey with confidence, embracing divine direction and inspiration.



Harmony between home and work cultivates well-being, fostering productivity and enriching relationships, creating a fulfilling and balanced life.


Moments of gratitude, love, and kindness create peace and joy in the heart, illuminating life with warmth and serenity.


Empowerment in the marketplace involves fostering inclusion, providing opportunities, and amplifying diverse voices, driving innovation, growth, and success collaboratively.

About Dr. Tangela

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… is the proud mother of 2 young adults, served her country as a Gulf War Army Veteran, served women for 32+ years as a Professional Hairstylist/Salon Owner, and the founder of After Thisss… Inc. She earned her BBA in Entrepreneurship from the University of Houston, Bachelors in Theology and Masters in Theology, and her Doctorate Degree in Christian Counseling. She is the author of “There Is Life After Thisss…, Shift. Shape. Soar.” book.  


Born in Houston, Texas, and raised by the military, she said yes to her purpose to help women and young ladies through their life happenings as a Certified Life/Business Coach and Teen Girls Life Coach. She is known by her clients as the “Life Interrupter” and "Master of Disaster" because she interrupts their life patterns and thoughts so they can soar and walk in their best self. She is a speaker and workshop facilitator; she loves to help people live in their best selves. 

As the founder of After Thisss… Inc., she annually host “& I Love Me More” teen summit in observance of teen domestic violence month in February.

She truly believes LIVING LIFE By DESIGN, NOT BY DEFAULT! As a minister. As a mother. As an author. As a Christian Counselor. As a Spouse.

About Me...


Dr. Harris,

Thank you for being transparent in your book. It really has me refocus and transforming my thoughts. The Re- words is an awesome idea. It is good. Sharoen M.

Dr. Tangela,

Life After Thisss... is an amazing book. The questions in after each chapter really has me thinking so I can apply the lessons in my life. Thank you! My book club thank you. Dimitri D.

Dr. Harris,

Thank you for blessing the women in the Baytown Housing Authority with your workshops and books. One lady had transition out of housing into her own home. Tyra W.

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