In my first book, I share my story of LIFE AFTER the military, divorce, domestic violence and I discovered the authentic me. 

In the Bible, we have read about building our house on sand or on a rock. It is during the storms, you DISCOVER your authentic foundation. 

I am grateful to be built on a rock and I am still standing and you can too! My book helps you through and to your destiny.


Beauty Industry Business Operations & Templates

Over 50+ pages to create your strategy t

33 years of experience and a bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Houston. I have created worksheets and custom templates to meet the needs of beauty industry leaders. 

"Stop just doing hair, DO BUSINESS!"

In over 200 pages that include...

* Marketing

* Vision Statements

* Financial Report templates

* Shopping List

* Vendors for Extension and more. 

* Vendors information to produce your own products.

And so much more...

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Create your own custom planner for any industry. Call for more information.