Happy 2019

This is great time to press RESET!

Reflecting over the past the 365 days... NOPE!

As I put a period behind 2018, I am reflecting on my upcoming prosperous 365 days. Things I did not like in my past, I am choosing to solve the issues and live out the solutions. I choose to seek my passions versus rehearsing my problems.

I had to learn to dream again. I realized I focused most of my time on my issues versus laying them at God's feet. He tells us in His word to "Cast all my cares...". That is what I have choose to do. This helps me to be a better coach for my clients and it make me happier.


What I focused on, I kept attracting. And you know I knew this but had to be reminded of my WHY. I have chosen to be in LOVE in 2019. Yes, I said LOVE!

I love me MORE.

I love my man MORE.

I love my kids MORE.

I love my clients MORE.

I love my life MORE.

I love and choose to receive LOVE! I am LOVED!

Choose your one word for 2019. My word is LOVE!

Love is a verb; an action word. I am making the effort to show more love in 2019

What is your word? Share it below.

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